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Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding way to contribute to your community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. As a volunteer, you can dedicate your time, skills, and energy to support various causes and organizations.

Aims & Objects

The Vokkaligara Association aims to enhance social, economic, healthcare, educational, and cultural development. This involves nurturing intellect, ethics, and providing rational entertainment for members and the wider community.

Youth Wing Objects

The Vokkaligara Association will establish a Youth Wing to foster leadership skills among Vokkaligara youth. This wing will also promote community progress in social, educational, and cultural domains in line with the Sangh's objectives.

Welcome to Vokkaligara Sangha Maharashtra

Vokkaligara Sangha Maharashtra Mumbai is a registered institution with a legacy of 25 years, established in 1998. It stands as a prominent and esteemed organization of Vokkaligara community, encapsulating the dreams and goals of approximately one million Vokkaligaras residing in Mumbai and its environs. Vokkaligara Association is committed to advancing the social, economic, educational, and cultural dimensions of the Mumbai populace.


Past Events

Id Card Drive

An initiative focused to give identification cards, to aid accessing various services and opportunities. Volunteers assist in application process.

Beach Cleaning

A collective effort where volunteers come together to remove trash & debris from the shoreline, for environmental conservation & preservation.

Medical Camp

Healthcare professionals provide free health check-ups, consultations, and basic medical services thus to promote well-being within the community.

Our Causes, Vision, Mission, Future Plans

Basic Needs Provisions

The organization focuses on ensuring that individuals have access to basic necessities such as food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, and education. It strives to address immediate needs while also facilitating opportunities for individuals to break the cycle of poverty.

Poverty Alleviation

The organization's primary objective is to combat poverty and reduce its impact on individuals and communities. It aims to provide immediate relief to those living in poverty while implementing long-term strategies for sustainable improvement.

Advocacy and Awareness

The organization advocates for policies and initiatives that address the root causes of poverty and promote social justice. It raises awareness about poverty-related issues, fosters community engagement, and collaborates with other.

Capacity Building

The organization may prioritize capacity building initiatives to strengthen its internal infrastructure and capabilities. This could involve providing training and development opportunities for staff and volunteers, improving organizational processes and systems.

Education and Empowerment

The organization recognizes education as a key pathway out of poverty. It strives to improve access to early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling, and adult literacy programs. Additionally, it promotes life skills training.

We love to help all our community people & have acheived many goals.

Vokkaligara Sangha Maharashtra has dedicatedly helped 1000 people, via 7 events with contribution from 25 volunteers.


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